Progress with Lyme Disease

I highly recommend Lynn Arena L.Ac. She is very dedicated, knowledgeable, and solution oriented. She understands relationship between cause and treatment. I am a registered nurse with a neck and back problem which is vocational. I found Lynn's technique with muscular skeleton problems exceptional and highly effective. The last four years, I have had Lyme disease with co-infections. I went to a Lyme literate M.D. in NYC and have been improving slowly. Lynn has taken the time and effort to study this disease and formulate herbs customized to the disease and many symptoms. I do not know where I would be at this point without her knowledge and expertise. I have come along way with Lyme disease and finally see the light. I attribute this to Lynn Arena's exceptional care!

Debra Cooney

Life Changing for Kathy

Acupuncture has made such difference in my life.  I have spinal stenosis, arthritis spurs in my back and herniated discs.  I had no feeling in my right leg at all.  After 3 treatments I began to regain feeling in my leg and I was able to go off anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by a pain management doctor.  I have been seeing Lynn Arena for a little over a year and have regained 100% feeling in my leg and 90% feeling in my foot. Aside from treating me for my back, she has worked on my immune system during allergy season which helped me greatly and alternately worked on my hormone points.  As a 56 year old menopausal woman, I can also attest to how this has helped control my hot flashes. I cannot do anything but urge you to give acupuncture a try.  It has totally changed my life.

Kathy Cresswell, Valley Stream, NY

Relief from Headaches and Arthritis for Carla

I have been suffering from headaches and migraines for many, many years and within the last year all medicines stopped working and I would have a headache for a week. A coworker told me about Lynn and how she has helped his son. I decided to reach out to her because I needed some type of relief and although the idea of acupuncture scared me a little, after the first session I had I was no longer scared and a true believer in alternative medicine. Not only does she do acupuncture she helps changes small things about your everyday life to help continue to help you feel better. I went in to help my headaches but she also helped with my arthritis in my hands so much that I can bake again. We are also working together to help with my IBS and get me off of the many medicines I take every day. I never realized how much better it is to live naturally and off all these pills the doctors give you to cover up your symptoms. Lynn doesn’t cover them up, she helps heal and really makes you feel better. It is so worth trying if you are considering acupuncture, you have nothing to lose but your everyday pains.

Carla Saulle, Hicksville

Achieving Wellness in Body and Spirit

I have been a patient of Lynn Arena for over five years.  During that time Lynn Arena has treated me for a number of injuries and illnesses. She shows great concern and caring for all her patients and takes a personal interest is ensuring their recovery to good health.  Lynn Arena approaches each patient with a view towards the whole person.  Treatment may involve Acupuncture or other areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as combinations of the two.  Lynn Arena has demonstrated tremendous knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and treatment, a testament to her in depth training and experience in Chinese Medicine. Achieving wellness in body and spirit in restoring the imbalances brought about by illness is clearly her goal. Lynn Arena shows regard for busy personal schedules and always meets with her patients within minutes of their appointment time.  Her bayside office is decorated in a zen/asian decor with bamboo and other decorative elements giving a calming spiritual atmosphere for Lynn Arena's most excellent treatment.  I have recommended her to many family and friends through the years.

William Cullen

Extremely Supportive and Nurturing

Lynn is a wonderful acupuncturist who is kind, caring, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. She is a keen observer and listener and combines these important skills with her vast knowledge as well as her insightfulness and intuition. I have had acupuncture treatments for over 20 years with many different practitioners and am so happy to have come upon Lynn. She is truly gifted. Her sessions are extremely supportive, nurturing and I always feel so balanced and centered when I leave my sessions.  

Lisa Nathanson, PT - Feldenkrais Practitioner

Dedicated to the Well Being of Patients

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with Lynn. She is not only talented in the art of acupuncture, but she is also very dedicated to her work and the well being of her patients. She will go above and beyond to help find the root of your problem and find the best treatment to help make you feel better.


Back and Abdomen Pain Relief

Lynn was a great help in easing my pain in my abdomen and back after complicated surgery. Normally, I avoid drugs or medication so it was ideal for me to try acupuncture. Not only is she competent & knowledgeable but kind in treating her patients with an understanding of their personal needs.

Ruth Diamond, President of Lihli Inc., Long Island City, NY

Shoulder Pain Relief, Stress Relief and Improved Sleep

I was having shoulder pain for about 4 months. I thought it was caused by excessive exercise which included too many push-ups. I had other issues as well, such as trouble sleeping and issues regarding stress of past life experiences and my current situation. Lynn treated my shoulder with acupuncture and laser treatments. She treated my stress and sleep issues with acupuncture, laser treatment and some herbs. Within the first few treatments my shoulder felt better and I was able to achieve a deeper sleep. I have been getting treatments from Lynn for the last few months and I feel so much better! The shoulder pain was completely healed. She is working on continuing to heal my body and mind since I feel there is a connection between pain and stress. The treatment is amazing I wish I could go 3 times a week. Lynn is a very caring person and makes sure that her patients are well informed about what she is going to treat and how she is going to treat it. I highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking natural help for your mind and body.

Carlos Casap, East Rockaway

Chronic Pain Relief for Charlie

If you are looking for an acupuncturist and or herbalist who is safe, caring clean, friendly, and very knowledgable, then I highly recommend Lynn Arena! I am recovering from a severe case of Guillian-Barre Syndrome aka GBS which is an auto-immune disease. I started my treatments about a year ago which consists of acupuncture, herbs, and cupping. It has become as important to my recovery as my traditional Physical Therapy, Hand Therapy, and Western Medication. I have really improved over the past year. Anyone suffering from chronic pain should really get over their possible fear of needles and give Lynn a chance to help make them heal or feel better!

Charlie Lunenfeld, East Rockaway